Testing Your Code

How do you guys test order placements and strategies using KiteConnect?

Zerodha doesn't provide paper trading or any simulators.

It's weird that such a huge platform hasn't thought about it yet.
  • rajnivp
    I have created a simulator in python for doing paper trading so i test my strategies on that.
  • kakush30
    kakush30 edited November 2023
    You can store L2 data. or quote data in DB, for lets say past 7 days or 30 days or whatever days you like,,, and do a paper trading on that data.
  • MAG
    The way I do it is I have a dummy flag in my order placement code. If that flag is set it does everything but actually send the order to zerodha. I have my own orders and positions maintained at my end and therefore the code can do everything it would do with a live order like track MTM, charges, target and exit the position when the price hits stoploss or target as per the relevant strategy.

    In fact I dont look at/use zerodha's positions/quote/orders api calls at all.

    All testing is done at local where the dummy flag is set by default.
    All live trading is done on AWS where the dummy flag is not set at all.
    So there is no chance of mixing up testing and live trading.

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