Endpoint for PnL statement

parulg014 edited December 2023 in General
Which API or endpoint need to use to get the historical data or stocks bought and sold with the details like buy price and date same for sold price and details with transaction charges. Something similar like Profit and loss statement.
  • MAG
    MAG edited December 2023
    AFAIK Thats not available via api at all.

    What you are asking for are trade/investment reports for your account.
    For this information you need to log into https://console.zerodha.com/ and then look at the menu on the top right side. Under "Reports" you will find drop down options like the Tradebook, PnL and other reports.
  • parulg014
    yup am aware of this but is there any programmatical way for the same?
  • MAG
    Nope - the API is just that - basic building blocks.
    Allowing one to develop any solution that they want limited only by time and skills. If someone wants the functionality of console to be available, the API allows them the flexibility to design and develop their own solution.
  • kakush30
    You have to do that at your own end, writing a code for that.
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