ArthaChitra - a new front end for the Kite Connect API

We are happy to inform that ArthaChitra now supports the Kite Connect API. If any Kite API user want to use/test the software then please PM me or send a note to sales[at]arthachitra[dot]com

Currently the software is in beta and free to use during the beta phase.

About ArthaChitra
ArthaChitra is an advanced charing, analytical and trading platform (including automated trading). Some of the salient features of ArthaChitra are;

Analytical features
  • Advanced charting with ability to apply indicators, drawing objects etc
  • Real-time market scanner
  • Multiple Views like TimeNSales view, Market Watch View Depth of the market (Dom) View
Order execution features
  • Trade directly from charts or depth of the market view, change orders by simple drag and drop operation or cancel an order at a click of a button
  • Order Manager - Create simple templates to submit stops and targets when a order gets filled.
  • Automated trading - Provides a comprehensive framework for writing complex strategies.
  • Simulator account for placing test/dummy order
Programming features
  • SharpScript - A C# based scripting language which lets user build custom indicators, strategies, barTypes, chartStyles, chartObjects, to name a few.
  • Xaml - ArthaChitra is built on WPF and lets one to design Xaml templates to change the very look and feel of the gui/views.
  • ArthaChitra lets user to simultaneously connect to different data feed provider.
  • Simulator connection
In case of any query please write to us at support[at]arthachita[dot]com or post your thought at our support forum.
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