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  • saivinaymohan
    Hi I am trying to place banknifty weekly expiry order through kite publisher but i am getting an error like
    status error,message : no vlaid orders found in payload, data:null,error_type:input exception

    Please find my input request:
    KiteConnect.ready(function() {var kite = new KiteConnect('APIKEY');kite.add({'exchange': 'NFO','tradingsymbol': 'BANKNIFTY18122022800CE','quantity': 20,'transaction_type': 'BUY','order_type': 'MARKET','product': 'NRML'});kite.finished(function(status, request_token) {window.location = 'https://www.redircturl---/'+status;});kite.renderButton('#default-button');'#custom-button');});$( document ).ready(function(){document.getElementById('custom-button').click();});
    December 14
  • ajay_varma
    Hello, my access_token is expiring frequently within a minute or two. I have created an automated trading system for personal use and since last month i do update fresh token daily morning around 9am which remains active for the whole day, but now my token is expiring very frequently within a minute. Whenever i update fresh token, my app just works smoothly and the content stops in the next minute... Please help me
    November 12
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    July 9
  • samiran
    what is the logic for green and red bar on volume chart. when it is showing green or red
    July 4
  • RASCAL005
    I am calling getQoute method every 10 second for 27 symbols. But it is giving me too many requests error in between. Please check at your end, what could be the issue. And isn't there any support team to acknowledge the issues.
    February 14
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    January 23
  • RASCAL005
    Hi Vivek

    I want to have a restful api for getting real time stock prices at every interval.
    I will hit the api and get the current price of the stock, I will be hitting the api every 5 minutes for about 20 stocks.
    So if you provide such api, then I would like to know the pricing and the process to integrate the api with my application.

    Satish Mishra
    December 2017
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    June 2017
  • tpjob2014
    [email protected], failed payment was from ICICI bank
    February 2017
  • pankajrb
    Hi vivek,

    We are getting error using publisher API suddenly. I am getting following error when order is sent.

    Please find attached screenshots.
    December 2016
    • pankajrb
      Can't attach image here.
      Image links:
  • akshay12489
    Hi I am getting same error like other member
    "That API call is not allowed for the authenticated user"
    is that mean that I will first have to make payment and than only my app will be enabled ?
    June 2016
    • rktheinvestor1
      Yes...KITE CONNECT + PUBLISHER both requires valid credits (2000) for a month as of now.
  • sameer
    Hi Vivek,
    How can I access data without key ?

    Are you exposing minute data for free ?
    Is it allowed to use above URL for free for limited number of requests per day?

    October 2016
    • Vivek
      Yeah we were testing few stuffs and it's currently in debug mode but will be closed soon.
  • sameer
    How can I access data without key ?

    Are you exposing minute data for free ?
    October 2016
    • Vivek
      It's just a list of instruments with closing price of the day we get from exchange.
  • sunil55tyagi
    hi vivek,
    Today I tried placing many Yesbank BO orders using kite connect,
    Surprisingly the orders were squared of as soon as the executed.


    where as orders placed directly from kite were waiting to hit either stop_loss or squareoff_value , but orders placed from kiteconnect were being squared off immediately after order execution.
    please resolve.
    October 2016
  • chaudhariapurva
    the link on for C# library MechTrader (3rd party) is old one kindly update it to

    October 2016
  • k365
    give me your number
    August 2016
  • k365
    please reply i need urgent help
    August 2016
  • Jagadish
    Hi Vivek,

    Am using Kite Api to login

    In login flow i reached till getting the request_key after redirection but when am making a post call to obtain access key am facing 403,

    the request is tsted both from java & javascript My only doubt is on generating sha-256 in javascript/java is not working,

    could you please guide me on process to get access_key & the way you are generating sha-256 hash.

    August 2016
  • Akki
    Hey Vivek
    Please give an example to get request token and access token.
    July 2016
  • Hi
    April 2016