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  • probably unique sub-status which tells us "stop sending further orders for same script" can help.
  • Faced same issue.. But issue got solved after re logging.
  • Added header : X-Kite-Version: 3 Send the api_key, request_token and checksum as post parameter instead of url append. Login successful ;-)
  • Was working fine till Friday. No change from my side.. but there might have been some changes from zerodha. 1. Opened Web view with url : https://kite.trade/connect/login?v=3&api_key= 2 Provided credentials..and answer to the questions 3. Got t…
  • Facing same issue..for me too. Not able to login
  • It is question on Kite, to check if kite can provide the API to get one month trades ;-) Sorry, I will post in Q forum
  • I downloaded 1 month trades from Historical tradebook (backoffice). It used to have Trading Symbol. but this time it has Shortened Company name instead. Having product type helps because we need not track MIS orders our self since it will be square …
  • I have downloaded Java client for kiteconnect api from https://github.com/zerodhatech/javakiteconnect/tree/kite3/dist. The Jar file name doesn't have version number. Even though it is not major issue, but if you include version and subversion name (…
  • Please neglect above query..query
  • I am getting 1 tick/sec even if I subscribe 20 scripts . That means, roughly I get data for single script for every 20 seconds. Even if I subscribe for more scripts , I am getting 1 tick/sec (NOT PER SCRIPT) irrespective of no stocks. Can you please…
  • How many websocket connections can be made by a user? Will subscribing different scripts list to each connection improve the over all performance and reduce the latency?
    in Jagan Comment by RJ0958 August 2016
  • I tried Websocket API with 200+ stocks subscribed. It is working great and seamlessly. But quotes for some of the stocks are getting pushed with the delay more than 5 minutes even though there were significant trades happened during that time. Is th…
  • Thanks, does streaming for 500 stocks is feasible? (I have not tried). Is Websocket API is request response model or subscribe/publish model? Or spacing request with the delay of 1 sec is OK for you( max. 22000 reqs per day)? Bhav copy of exchan…
  • Thanks. Please consider having new API similar to "https://api.kite.trade/instruments" but for all holdings.
    in Jagan Comment by RJ0958 July 2016