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  • that ok sujith i understood but just to clarify order_history doesnt come under Quote it comes under Special Reads right ? i have to make sure all type of reads i am doing using kite.* should be below 10req/sec and also make sure individual restrict…
  • kite.order_history() is counted as Quote api ? or its counted as other endpoint ? Quote API - 1r/s Order place API - 10r/s Historical API - 3r/s All other endpoints - 10r/s kite.order_history() comes under which of these
  • @sujith ok so order status is counted as Quote API request or it has its its seprate count which shouldn't exceed 60 ?
  • @sujith thanks for your response. but my questions is not related to rate limitation. basically what i want to ask is can even reading of order status come under rate limitation ?
  • @rakeshr thanks for your reply but as i said in my first post if i call ws.close() method based on time condition it gives this error Connection error: 1006 - connection was closed uncleanly " do we need to do something else before we close the co…
  • yes its actually much better to do this way right now i was calculating unfilled quantity and giveing it back to modify_order but now algo will become simple after ur clarification. thank you so much
    in Modify a order Comment by pawan12 May 18
  • sujith one last doublt if i have placed order with 100quantities limit order. now 50 are filled i want to change limit price still i dont need to give quantities as 50. automatically 50 quantities(unfilled) will be taken for new limit value. basical…
    in Modify a order Comment by pawan12 May 18
  • so if i place a order for 100 quantities and than i see 50 is filled while converting to market i dont need to give quanties i just need to convert it to market and it will automatically take unfilled quantities ?
    in Modify a order Comment by pawan12 May 18