Modify a order

hi friends,
if i place a limit order with 100 quantities and try to modify it to market do i need to give the quantities again or it will by default take unfilled quantities.

for example place a limit order with 100 quantities and in 2 sec 50 got filled and i want to convert the order to market now. if i just do modify_order to MARKET and dont give any quantity it will take unfilled quantities right ?

  • sujith
    Yes, it will modify and execute order at market price for the remaining quantity only.
  • pawan12
    so if i place a order for 100 quantities and than i see 50 is filled while converting to market i dont need to give quanties i just need to convert it to market and it will automatically take unfilled quantities ?
  • sujith
    Yes, that is right.
  • pawan12
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    sujith one last doublt if i have placed order with 100quantities limit order. now 50 are filled i want to change limit price still i dont need to give quantities as 50. automatically 50 quantities(unfilled) will be taken for new limit value. basically during modification of a order no need to give quantity once u have given quantity during placing a order
  • sujith
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    Yes, once there is a partial fill for an order. The price modification will affect the remaining quantity only since whatever quantity filled is already done. One can't do anything after a trade has happened.
  • pawan12
    yes its actually much better to do this way right now i was calculating unfilled quantity and giveing it back to modify_order but now algo will become simple after ur clarification. thank you so much
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