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  • when i try to use nodejs client API to access historic data , i get this error Insufficient permission for that call.
  • This is the Nodejs called triggered from my google cloud function .. in the google console logs i see a malformed JSON const escapeHtml = require('escape-html'); exports.broadcastUpdate = (req, res) => { console.log('got incoming broadca…
  • Hi Any response or help @tonystark
  • can u suggest best practices to test this for consistency.
  • seems inconsistent
  • now its coming
  • I configure following Google Function URL as my postback to client ID MW5790 I get an access token for same Client ID and issue a NRML order on NIFTY FUT SHORT after market hours. The order gets placed successfully. but the order status turns into …
  • I am trying to get a good entry for an Instrument based on last tick data. suppose I subscribe to 50 instruments On connect. then every tick I have to process 50 JSON objects in an array. in this case is it better to use the Python interface to set…
  • similarly is this applicable for Order_Update call back also ?
  • just to be clear, every time a tick happens, an event is triggered and my reigstered callback is invoked. now unitl my current invocation is completed, the next "Tick" event won't even get triggered.. am not abke to understand how I lose Ticks if my…
  • when u say ticker.on("ticks", onTicks); and then in onTicks, function onTicks(ticks) { //logic here } Are u suggesting that each invocation of onTicks that happens automatically throug the ticks event is not actually on a queue. if my logic takes…
  • @sujith i beliebe the nodejs client is single threaded. so if i put in some logic into the ticks callback, it will be queued during each invocation for execution. so there should be no blocking of the main thread ? i am trying to debug this and veri…
  • thanks