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  • ashishsharma5051
    sir ,using quote
    May 25
  • sagar_yv
  • TG8731
    hi, perhaps you did not get my qn. I have placed order through kite connect API. Iam not seeing the order details in kite.
    April 12
  • anand_r
    Hi Rakesh,
    I need your help in integrating basket of stocks with my app. I have a kite connect subscription with zerodha. My problem is as follows:
    1. I have a use case in which user can buy a single stock using publisher from my platform. I load the publisher.js and using the button click user goes to your login page or to the dashboard for executing the order.
    2. I am implementing "basket of stocks" using the link "https://kite.trade/docs/connect/v3/publisher/".
    3. In my react component, I load the publisher.js script (like in the single stock publisher use case).
    4. Once the publisher.js script is loaded I execute the javascript (from https://kite.trade/docs/connect/v3/publisher/, which has the KiteConnect functions).
    5. When the user clicks my custom button should it not open the zerodha login window or navigate to your dashboard with the stocks I set?
    Is there a way I can reach out to you as I cannot share all my app details here?
    Pls help. Really appreciate your help. Thanks.
    March 9
  • chphani
    February 3
  • Sundar_G
    You can go through login flow FAQs here. https://kite.trade/forum/discussion/4732/frequently-asked-questions-faqs#login ==> Already have set all credential as mentioned in this solution
    January 27
  • Sundar_G
    THis is what you mentioned in your page
    "By default, the API is restricted to a single Zerodha user ID. If you want multi-user login support, please e-mail us."
    January 27
  • Sundar_G
    {"status":"error","message":"The user is not enabled for the app.","data":null,"error_type":"InputException"}
    I have created two API connection for same Zerodha User Id, First one am able to connect, 2nd one connection is failing, please help
    api_key = 8pxz1hr457b51yxl
    January 26
  • narayanan
    Kite web is able to access from beginning
    September 2021
  • narayanan
    Not able to login. The operation has timed out
    September 2021
  • narayanan
    Rakesh issue still exist
    September 2021
  • viral
    hi can u help me to read orders from excel in phyton and execute them in zerodha
    September 2021
  • satish27
    again price is showing as zero... in publisher...
    August 2021
  • ajy
    this.kt = new K.KiteTicker({ api_key, access_token })

    this.kt.on('order_update', update => {
    console.log("order FOUND. YEAH");


    sometimes it works sometimes it is not called. but the orders are executed i checked.
    May 2021
  • kalpanakhokhar
    Hello @rakeshr,
    I have was facing connection error(1006) while getting tick data, I tried the sample code you provided at https://kite.trade/forum/discussion/7399/kiteconnect-ticker-connection-error-1006-connection-was-closed-uncleanly-none. It has resolved the issue very much but I still get this connection error after every 8-10 ticks. I have placed the screenshot here, could you be please enough to guide me on how to avoid such periodic error?
    March 2021
  • sharwan
    hello there can you tell me what wrong with the code here and why is it not executing

    March 2021
  • prithviraj
    Please support for below issue
    October 2020
    • prithviraj
  • kontacthimanshu
    Hi Rakesh,

    Please help me resolve the web socket issue. Here is the url of the issue I logged:


    October 2020
  • ShreeAlgoTrader
    Thank you Rakeshr " You have made my day" .The issue is resolved after activating Historical data API.Once again Thank you for helping .
    October 2020
  • Yash_Patel
    Hi Sir,
    I have tried running your code as mentioned in https://kite.trade/forum/discussion/comment/25535/#Comment_25535

    But it is stopped with error uncleany handshake.

    All i wanted to do is to store all the ticks in one list so that I can do further operation on the same.

    Any guidance will be helpful! :)
    July 2020
  • arthite
    I am new, pls can anyone help me out with getting live tick by tick ohlc data into excel - clear
    May 2020
  • fizkha
    hello sir... can u please guide me how i can add multi user support fr my app? to enable more than one zerodha id on my app?
    February 2020
  • anurags
    @rakeshr Hi. Can you help me get Previous day OI close using Kite API, because I need to calculate days change in OI live
    February 2020
  • sachinstlko09
    On continuation of the given thread

    Facing issue of code exit after placing the Buy/Sell order.
    Because of exit of the code; I can not capture anything after placing the order.

    Please Guide.
    August 2019
  • deepmangukiya
    hello rakhesh i want to know the function which can provide me the all active open bracket order positions. i mean if there are total 10 pending bracket order request and 2 of them are activated so i need those 2 active orders list /. can you please suggest me the function i can call to get those information ? because i call kite.GetPositions(); but it gives me all the positions of all the day but i only need just currently active bracket orders not pending and not completed.
    June 2019
  • Abhishek Gupta
    This is regarding your todays reply on my question where you referred me to use "regular" instead of "REGULAR".

    I am quite surprised as i am using KITE api for more than 1 year and "REGULAR" always worked for me.
    Do we have any change in codebase recently ?

    January 2019
  • HAs
    Hi, I need OHLC for current day for every current 15 mintues, in excel. Candle Data

    For. eg. i want apply logic of if open price of Current candle is greater the suggetsed price then Buy..

    Please Help..
    October 2018
  • rohit3389
    can you help me to do login using java, not able to put password,userId using htmlUnit
    July 2018
  • rohit3389
    already i have App(Kite connect + Publisher), i deactivated it.
    how/where subscribe historical api. i dont want to activate my App(Kite connect + Publisher) right now. i just need historical data.
    July 2018
  • WG8719

    Dictionary ltps = kite.GetLTP(InstrumentId: new string[] { "NSE:INFY", "NSE:ASHOKLEY" });

    How to retrive LTP of multiple scripts??

    please help me with coading..
    im using c#.net
    July 2018