Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

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Getting started:
  • Kite Connect subscription - Rs. 2000
  • Historical data subscription - Rs. 2000
Why so costly
What is postback URL and redirect URL:
Alternative to Kite Connect (algo without coding):

WebSocket queries:
  1. Websocket Documentation -
  3. on tick frequency -
  4. more on frequency -
  5. rate limits -
  6. "You can subscribe up to 3000 instruments/shares in a single WebSocket connection, and for one user you can have 3 WebSocket connection, so you can stream maximum of 9000 shares for one user. because all WebSockets will be independent of each other, there will be no cross-connection."
Download all instrument tokens: Convert ticks to candle latest:
Technical indicators:

Basic rule: Kite Connect is purely an execution platform. Zerodha doesn't provide support or solution for writing any kind of strategies.
This is outside the scope of Kite Connect. "But we can post our queries on the forum and eventually someone will help it"

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