Trying to modify second leg of CO does nothing

I'm trying to modify the trigger_price of the second leg of a Cover Order. I'm using the code below.

const response = await Kite.modifyOrder('co', '210701001564806', { parent_order_id: '210701001564803', trigger_price: 130 });
console.log(response); // { order_id: '210701001564806' }

The request is successful but the order itself isn't modified when I check on my Kite dashboard. Am I missing something here?
  • sujith
    A 200 for modify request means your request is placed successfully, it doesn't mean the order is modified. There are various validations and states the order goes through before it is modified. You can always check the status message field to know the reason for not modifying.
  • davidheisnam
    Hi @sujith Thanks for the response. I realized that the order is actually updated. The thing is, the order wasn't being updated in real time on the pending orders page. Since I saw most things were updating in real time without needing to refresh the page, I didn't think to refresh the page to check if the order was updated. When I think back on it, that was quite silly. Again, thank you for taking the time to respond.
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