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  • himanshu23674
    Hi Sujith , need ur help/guidance bou how to ligin and trade two different account using kitexl on one pc ...

    i have activated kite api in both account ...

    when i login second account it says not authorised for this app ...

    than if i change api key and secret key the first one gets logged out ...

    i want to trade in both account using kitexl on same pc , is it possible ??
    November 28
    • sujith
      By default, Kite Connect is provided for only one client. If you need to use it with multiple client id then you need two Kite Connect apps.
    • himanshu23674
      i didnt get it ... two kite connect app ?? i have our kitexl .. have two kiteconnect subscription of both account ... i open two kitexl file , log in with two different id password ... one connects , other says no authorized ...

      i am master in coding , but can get thru excelvba ...

      kindly help with detailed way ...
    • himanshu23674
      correction in above , i am not master in coding but can get thru excel vba
    • himanshu23674
      Bro plzz help .... my kite connect subscription is getting wasted ....
    • sujith
      It is a third-party library by @HowUTrade, please create a public thread on the forum and tag their team, they will get back to you.
  • ankurseth
    Hi Sujith,

    I am trying to code a strategy on intra day trading in python using KiteConnect. I am facing certain issues. Can you help? I can give you a call at any time convenient to you.
    November 18
  • r2k1984
    I'm not able to create orders via api. It is returning as blank. Any reason why ?
    November 5
  • yeshari
    Hi Sujith,

    This is regarding the topic "Using Stochastic Momentum Indicator. But getting different values than what is in the charts". Can you confirm the formula used in the charts? I am getting a different output. One of them is wrong. I want to know which one is wrong so that I can devise a strategy. Please confirm the formula used.

    October 30
  • shm
    Hi Sujith.
    Does Zerodha give 10 year 1 min/5 min historical tick data for NSE FnO stocks?
    If yes, how can I procure it.
    October 17
  • sbdavra
    check right now
    there is issue in low in nifty oct future
    in NSE it shows 11420.10 and in zerodha kite it shows 11422.00

    same issue in SBI oct future

    please find attachments in my post
    October 16
  • Gafoor
    Hi Sujith,
    I am trying to get a live intraday price for BANKNIFTY19OCTFUT from instrument dump I got the instrument token for this symbol as 13176834.
    When I am running the web socket code to retrieve the prices it's giving me an error of builtins.KeyError: 13176834
    The code which I am using is working fine for NIFTY50 stocks but it is failing for this symbol.

    October 4
  • r2k1984
    Basically you are requesting to pay 2000 for API access and 2000 more for Historical data is it? So we have to pay Rs 4000 for it?
    September 23
  • r2k1984
    Hey Sujith.

    Historical data is already there in my account . Please check why it is not allowing to pull data
    September 23
  • Yopad
    HI Sujith, I am collecting tick level data using Websocket and getting this error. Could you please advise what the issue could be. I have gone through the forum and couldnt find a resolution.

    2019-08-22 04:27:52,653 [ERROR] kiteconnect.ticker : Connection closed: 1006 - connection was closed uncleanly (WebSocket connection upgrade failed (403 - Forbidden))
    August 22
  • sachinstlko09
    On continuation of the given thread

    Facing issue of code exit after placing the Buy/Sell order.
    Because of exit of the code; I can not capture anything after placing the order.

    Please Guide.
    August 5
    • sujith
      We don't provide coding support on this forum. It is outside the scope of the forum. You might need to hire or consult a professional developer/ freelancer for help.
    • Bob_Pinto
      Hi sujith
      I also need a professional developer to connect my Excel buy/sell & exit signals to Kite, please share the contact if you know someone
  • narayanan
    Thanks sujith for your quick response
    July 16
  • deepmangukiya
    Can i have complete guideline regarding the zerodha order management system. because see modify bracket order stoploss is the heart of my development. i must need this feature in any way so can you please let me know how to handle those things? and according to api documentation we are able to modify bo in open as well as pending status. so please let me know when you have some free time for me . i really need it for my development.
    June 3
  • Mary
    Hi Sujith,
    I get the same error as in the post above and using the correct client ID "XO8254"

    It takes me through the password & 2F authentication and when I authorize it gives me the error

    Could you please help me here.

    Thanks in advance.

    June 1
  • Srik
    Hi Sujith,

    I'm seeing frequent disconnections when getting the order_history. Can you please help me what is wrong with it.

    Below is the error:

    DEBUG:urllib3.connectionpool: "POST /orders/regular H
    TP/1.1" 200 None
    DEBUG:urllib3.connectionpool:Starting new HTTPS connection (1):

    May 14
  • himanshu23674
    hi ,
    kindly quickly help me with access token issue ...

    not able to login ...

    my zerodha id is zx7448

    it says token expired , where as i have subscription paid till 31 may
    May 7
  • himanshu23674
    Hi , i am planning to subscribe for kite api , i need guidance ....

    where to download latest version for kite excel and how to install ?

    where to find/get command syntax for excel ??

    i searched the forum but lots of links are not working , kindly provide links that are functional ...
    April 28
  • srismohanty
    Hello Sujith.
    I have opened a discussion at but so far no response from you tech guys. Can you please take a loot at it.
    April 16
  • lakshmiraja
    Hi , I need sample login module in java for kite connect login . could you plase help me
    April 6
  • ksv
    Hi Sujith,
    Am facing the issue with continuous streaming of ticks. Sometimes the ticks stop coming. It doesn't happen all the time but I see this happening at least once a week.

    So is there any standard way to retry the connection when we stop getting the ticks.
    I suspect we should get "onDisconnected" notification.
    Should we again subscribe for the ticks on this notification? What is the ideal way to get all ticks without any issues?
    Is there any java code samples for the same?

    PS: Am running my program from cloud with very good computing and network performance.
    February 26
    • ksv
      Today @ ~1:50 pm it happened for couple of users.
    • ksv
      Also is there any problems if am running the program for more than one account from same IP (same virtual machine)
  • tanigai
    Order rejected saying RMS: Blocked for EQUITY_NSE nse_cm block type:ALL for past 3 days
    February 11
  • FQ0044
    Today I wanted to login but it shows a message gateway timed out
    What is this?
    February 11
  • epraveen92
  • Abhishek Gupta
    Regarding your reply
    "This should be gone now. One of the instances were corrupt."
    That problem happens many time and because of that we have to face lot of losses
    Can you please let me know how can be this issue resolved permanently
    January 29
  • suhaspatil
    How do I file a bug against publisher.js script that adds a trade button on the webpage?

    This is not a forum question and hence I am asking you.

    471 var v = parseFloat(jQuery.fn.jquery);
    472 if(!isNaN(v) && v >= 1.6) {

    Line number 472 fails because it treats v 1.11 as being less than 1.6 and tries to reload a javascript and in the process messes up our code that depends on jquery being loaded.
    January 28
    • sujith
      Can you post it as a query on the forum?
  • npchoubey
    Please check at earliest [ ].
    I have provided all details.
    I still feel issue is with platform reg my account's privilege.
    January 27
  • Jegan
    Hi Sujith,
    i am facing issue when i get historical data , i have been using same logic for more than 3 months , but today i am facing issue that when i call historical data , it returns me zero count
    sample as below

    December 2018
  • ajay_varma
    Hello, my access_token is expiring frequently within a minute or two. I have created an automated trading system for personal use and since last month i do update fresh token daily morning around 9am which remains active for the whole day, but now my token is expiring very frequently within a minute. Whenever i update fresh token, my app just works smoothly and the content stops in the next minute... Please help me
    November 2018
  • ramatius
    Hi Sujith,
    Today one of the BO leg order got rejected, with reason 'self trade rejection'. Pls see the screenshot,

    There is no other account (owned by the same person) where the same trade has happened. Can you pls advise how/why this error msg has come?
    October 2018
  • chetan16
    Hi sujith, i want trading symbol list and quantity for Futures (trading symbol and quantity for kitezerodha). i m confuse what will be the parameter that need to pass
    October 2018