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  • ajay_varma
    Hello, my access_token is expiring frequently within a minute or two. I have created an automated trading system for personal use and since last month i do update fresh token daily morning around 9am which remains active for the whole day, but now my token is expiring very frequently within a minute. Whenever i update fresh token, my app just works smoothly and the content stops in the next minute... Please help me
    November 12
  • ramatius
    Hi Sujith,
    Today one of the BO leg order got rejected, with reason 'self trade rejection'. Pls see the screenshot,

    There is no other account (owned by the same person) where the same trade has happened. Can you pls advise how/why this error msg has come?
    October 10
  • chetan16
    Hi sujith, i want trading symbol list and quantity for Futures (trading symbol and quantity for kitezerodha). i m confuse what will be the parameter that need to pass
    October 10
  • bhavnamalhotra84
    Hi Sujith,

    I am using KiteNet Excel utility and getting error : Get Access Token Failed Since today morning (01-OCT-2018).
    Please advise where the issue is and by when it will be resolved.
    October 1
  • raula_kite127
    I paid the historical data subscription the service.
    But when i run the examples.getHistoricalData(kiteConnect); i am getting an as well as in the response i found it was 0 candle data.

    INFO: {"status": "success", "data": {"candles": []}}

    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 0, Size: 0
    at java.util.ArrayList.rangeCheck(Unknown Source)
    at java.util.ArrayList.get(Unknown Source)
    at com.zerodhatech.test.Examples.getHistoricalData(
    at com.zerodhatech.test.Test.main(
    October 1
  • raula_kite127
    Can we able know how much fund is there in User's account.

    Please let me know is there any API is there for this or not?
    October 1
  • gpaneers
    Hi @Sujith... We are creating a platform where many retailers will be placing order through one API. As I read in the other thread, I have wrote to talk(at) llast week to get multi-user access. Waiting for long time to get a response. Can you please help us in this regard?
    September 28
  • gpaneers
    Hi @Sujith... We are creating a platform where many retailers will be placing order through one API. As I read in the other thread, I have wrote to talk(at) llast week to get multi-user access. Waiting for long time to get a response. Can you please help us in this regard?
    September 28
  • gjmaster
    i post a my issue in following link
    please check and help me. If u want to my zerodha id then i will give u.
    September 21
  • VipinA
    Any developments???
    September 6
  • rohit3389
    i wan to place bo order. how to place stoploss in following link you show for trigger,target,stoploss but how to place trailing stoploss( by tick or any).

    if tick can you help for tick calculation.

    in this post

    i am not understand this line "Also, make sure these values are a modulus of tick size as mentioned in instrument dump."
    September 5
  • VipinA
    It was running file till Friday.
    I forgot to renew it on Friday, renewed it Monday evening, ever since not working...
    September 5
  • VipinA
    Any solutions??
    September 5
  • VipinA
    September 5
  • sukantk
    Hi my query is still not resolved. I am following up for like last 5 days. I am losing days from my subscription period
    August 20
  • daniamarkumar
    Hi Sujith,

    I have started a discussion around getting OHLC for the last minute.
    Please let me know regarding the same.

    July 26
  • dhiraj1891
    Hi Sujith,

    Sorry for inconvincence, i gone through so many discussion thread and tried many solution, but not getting result so writing you. My second month subscribtion will expire on 19 july but No clue on the error. Please help me.

    please refer mentioned below Process I implemented, but getting error.
    Step 1:
    I downloaded code from this url ""

    Step 2:
    I Used this url "**********" to get the requested token.
    I added this requested token in Sample code

    $kite = new KiteConnect("your_api_key");
    $user = $kite->generateSession("request_token_obtained", "your_api_secret");

    I replaced API key, Requested token and APi secrete key in respective places and uploaded on live test server, but getting mentioned below error
    "Authentication failed: Token is invalid or has expired.
    Fatal error: Uncaught TokenException (403) 'Token is invalid or has expired.' thrown in /home/public_html/kiteconnect.p
    July 12
  • samiran
    what is the logic for green and red bar on volume chart.
    how to know when bar is showing green or red
    July 4
  • xm1160
    hi I am facing an issue since half an hour now.

    the ticker is disconnected as soon as i log in.
    July 3
  • rbt
    please ask from anybody also for the same @sujith
    June 27
  • rbt
    kindly reply @sujith
    June 27
  • rbt
    please reply sujith
    June 27
  • rbt
    @sujith kindly help me to get rid from this error
    June 26
  • rbt
    Please reply @sujith
    June 26
  • rbt
    my code is :-
    var KiteTicker = require("./views/scripts/kiteconnect").KiteTicker;
    var ticker = new KiteTicker("**************", access_token);

    ticker.on("ticks", onTicks);
    ticker.on("connect", subscribe);

    function subscribe() {
    var items = [instrument_token];
    ticker.setMode(ticker.modeFull, items);

    function onTicks(ticks) {
    //if (redirectpage == 'http://localhost:8383/chart') {
    io.emit('ticks', { blocks: blocks });
    io.emit('ticker', { data: ticks[0] });

    kindly help me thanks in advance

    June 26
  • rbt
    Still i am getting this error

    Unhandled rejection StatusCodeError: 403 - "{\"status\":\"error\",\"message\":\"Token is invalid or has expired.\",\"data\":null,\"error_type\":\"TokenExcepti
    at new StatusCodeError (C:\vivekblocklyproject\node_modules\request-promise-core\lib\errors.js:32:15)
    at C:\vivekblocklyproject\node_modules\request-promise-core\lib\plumbing.js:97:41
    at tryCatcher (C:\vivekblocklyproject\node_modules\request-promise\node_modules\bluebird\js\release\util.js:16:23)
    at Promise._settlePromiseFromHandler (C:\vivekblocklyproject\node_modules\request-promise\node_modules\bluebird\js\release\promise.js:512:31)
    at Promise._settlePromise (C:\vivekblocklyproject\node_modules\request-promise\node_modules\bluebird\js\release\promise.js:569:18)
    at Promise._settlePromiseCtx (C:\vivekblocklyproject\node_modules\request-promise\node_modules\bluebird\js\release\promise.js:606:10)
    at Async._drainQueue (C:\vivekblocklyproject\node_modules\request-promise\n
    June 26
  • Irshad
    Hi Sujith,
    Can you tell me the name of API to get the order ID of BO (all three order)
    May 29
  • ECE004
    hello sir... how can i automate trading , how can i create API , then how can i use that to fire orders in KITE trading platform? pls explain me sir..
    May 28
  • Saranewbee
    Hi Sujith, In a reply u said u have 2 years SBIn 1 min data. Can you please share with me?

    sujith January 8 Flag
    We only have minute candles for past couple of years. We have minute level data for SBIN NSE from mid of 2014.
    May 17
  • Sachin2018
    HI sujith ,
    we need to integrate kite api to show BSE and NSE stocks and all need to provide search also only . so can u tell me right package / pricing and feasibility for my mobile app (android and ios) ASAP.
    May 17