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  • prithwish_pb
    hi sir , I'm unable to subscribe to historical API option. Can you pls help me !!
    July 6
  • tahseen
    Am thinking of writing some backend application that would use tick data to compute and mathematically analyze to output possible trades of stocks and/or their futures.

    Am I allowed to do that ? Is zerodha okay with that ?
    June 26
  • VSingham
    Hi Sujith, thanks for your response. You said "You don't have to do all these. pykiteconnect does it for you. You can check out the repo here" but I've already downloaded and installed pykiteconnect from github and am connected to kite connect in ipython on my terminal. So can you pl elaborate why I'm unable to get access token?

    One more thing, what is the specific command I need to write to calculate checksum (SHA-256 of api_key + request_token + api_secret)? Do I need to concatenate these 3 strings into one string without any spaces in between and then find the checksum of that?

    June 8
  • Sudhanshu2314
    Hi Sujit,
    I am new to Algo and API. Yesterday I paid Rs 2000 for creating a new app to onnect my Tradeton Account to Zerodha Acount. Created the App but the there was some issue in connection. So i wanted to edit the App to change some settings and by mistake deleted the app. Now when I want to create new app, it is again asking for Rs 2000 whereas my previous app is still valid for one month. Whats the solution. Have written mail to Support team but no reply. Plz help
    June 5
  • sameeer
    Hi Sujith,
    Thanks for your prompt replies...I have very important question

    I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or its how NSE works

    I am testing my program for partially filled orders so I am placing BUY order for SUNTECK from Kite and selling SUNTECK from my upstox account... I see that as soon as I place sell order from SUNTECK, my buy order from Kite becomes invisible from market depth

    Does that mean NSE tracks orders at PAN card level and hence NSE doesnt allow simultaneous BUY and SELL orders(from different brokers like Kite, Upstox, Sharekhan, etc) for same stock from same PAN card?
    If its not TRUE, then I understand my conclusion sounds funny but that has been my observation for last 10-15 trades

    For example,
    if market depth : bid 100 and ask 110
    Now i place bid from KITE at 105 so market depth: bid 105 and ask 110
    Now if I place MKT SELL from upstox, my execution price is 100 and I dont see 105 in market depth
    My quantities in Kite still 0
    May 21
  • arthite
    I am new, pls can anyone help me out with getting live tick by tick ohlc data into excel
    May 19
  • jaganunitrix
    hi Sujith,
    I am new to kite connect, facing "The user is not enabled on the app." u already told works only with single user.
    single-user ???
    May 16
  • Gafoor
    Hi Sujith,

    I am trying to use GTT in python. But it is not working

    It is giving me error ''KiteConnect' object has no attribute 'get_gtts'

    May 12
  • KSL
    is it private?
    May 11
  • BD7721
    Hi Sujith,
    I am new to Zerodha Kite connect.
    Can you give me Sample Code to connect, and place an order based upon simple technical indicator. The objective here is to understand how to code for Zerodha.

    I need to know if ZERODHA is providing live RSI indicator along with live data?
    If not then , can I use talib or I need to construct my own indicators.

    May 8
  • rao1
    Thanks for the advise. Will surely connect. Would be grateful if you could share the concerns/feasibility here too ? Thanks
    May 5
  • kishorsandage
    OK See , Now i am very close to solution , I did all process to get access token used

    But it is giving me old access token ,. Is there any other command to generate new access token
    April 28
  • raju_k7
    hi want to backtest 5min data for last 10 years for nifty 50 in kite pi guide
    April 4
    • sujith
      You can check out FAQs here
  • KrishnaKumbham
    I am getting the following error even after activating the key.
    Invalid `api_key` or `access_token`.
    March 25
    • sujith
      Are you sure you are using the right api_key? You seem to have two Kite Connect apps and only one of them is active and another one is a Kite Publisher app.
    • KrishnaKumbham
      yes, i am using the right api key. today morning I have activated the API. and I am using the activated API key.
  • vikasjaiswal11
    Hi < can you help me in automating request token generation via java.
    March 4
    • sujith
      It is mandatory by the exchange that a user has to login at least once a day manually. We don't recommend automating login.
    hello sir,
    I need to execute bank nifty options, bracket order with stop loss and target trigger price based on last one minute close. I already developed the coding with OHLC data. But the issue with that one is, it is taking last close from last day trading data. Thus creating a big range for stoploss and target trigger price. Please help
    February 16
  • fizkha
    hello sir... i am having authentication issue. getting error : "Could not resolve host:" when callback is given to my login script frm api after succesful login on kite. its catching exception error and throwing this error instead of returning the access token , please see this issue... waiting for your reply.
    February 12
  • sagaranilganu
    Note :: Am using python language
    1] Does the heart beats (of 1 byte fixed length) received in "ticks" of websocket on_tick callback, have any fixed value? (So that corresponding handler can be written!!!)
    2] If there are multiple full mode subscriptions successfully made and there is change in only 1 of the script's "LTP"; what is received in "ticks"? (My understanding :: Only the changed LTP script's full mode dictionary is received!!!)

    Your insights are most awaited!!
    February 3
  • sagaranilganu
    Note :: Am using python language
    1] Does the heart beats (of 1 byte fixed length) received in "ticks" of websocket on_tick callback, have any fixed value? (So that corresponding handler can be written!!!)
    2] If there are multiple full mode subscriptions successfully made and there is change in only 1 of the script's "LTP"; what is received in "ticks"? (My understanding :: The changed LTP script's full mode dictionary is received!!!)
    January 28
  • sdd
    i have unsubscribed historical api after 2 days but credits weren't refunded
    January 22
  • saravanaub
    Hi, I read your comment on request token validity. You said it is valid of one whole day. And you also said if I log out of pi. This will also log out. Loggoing out of pi alone will log out from everywhere or log out from mobile app will also log out the api session?
    December 2019
  • sagaranilganu
    Just need to reconfirm with the margin req stuff before codifying.
    Q1] Margin req. strictly for "MIS order type" for Nifty Options buying. Pls. see snapshot.
    Is same calc. to be used for MIS but "WITHOUT STOPLOSS" whilst for BO & CO : SL is compulsory?? Am I right??

    Q2] Any plans for API for the same??
    December 2019
  • sbdavra
    Please check MCX live rates streaming and API rates are hang up no since last 15 minutes

    please solve it urgently
    December 2019
  • himanshu23674
    Hi Sujith , need ur help/guidance bou how to ligin and trade two different account using kitexl on one pc ...

    i have activated kite api in both account ...

    when i login second account it says not authorised for this app ...

    than if i change api key and secret key the first one gets logged out ...

    i want to trade in both account using kitexl on same pc , is it possible ??
    November 2019
    • sujith
      By default, Kite Connect is provided for only one client. If you need to use it with multiple client id then you need two Kite Connect apps.
    • himanshu23674
      i didnt get it ... two kite connect app ?? i have our kitexl .. have two kiteconnect subscription of both account ... i open two kitexl file , log in with two different id password ... one connects , other says no authorized ...

      i am master in coding , but can get thru excelvba ...

      kindly help with detailed way ...
    • himanshu23674
      correction in above , i am not master in coding but can get thru excel vba
    • himanshu23674
      Bro plzz help .... my kite connect subscription is getting wasted ....
    • sujith
      It is a third-party library by @HowUTrade, please create a public thread on the forum and tag their team, they will get back to you.
  • ankurseth
    Hi Sujith,

    I am trying to code a strategy on intra day trading in python using KiteConnect. I am facing certain issues. Can you help? I can give you a call at any time convenient to you.
    November 2019
  • r2k1984
    I'm not able to create orders via api. It is returning as blank. Any reason why ?
    November 2019
  • yeshari
    Hi Sujith,

    This is regarding the topic "Using Stochastic Momentum Indicator. But getting different values than what is in the charts". Can you confirm the formula used in the charts? I am getting a different output. One of them is wrong. I want to know which one is wrong so that I can devise a strategy. Please confirm the formula used.

    October 2019
  • shm
    Hi Sujith.
    Does Zerodha give 10 year 1 min/5 min historical tick data for NSE FnO stocks?
    If yes, how can I procure it.
    October 2019
  • sbdavra
    check right now
    there is issue in low in nifty oct future
    in NSE it shows 11420.10 and in zerodha kite it shows 11422.00

    same issue in SBI oct future

    please find attachments in my post
    October 2019
  • Gafoor
    Hi Sujith,
    I am trying to get a live intraday price for BANKNIFTY19OCTFUT from instrument dump I got the instrument token for this symbol as 13176834.
    When I am running the web socket code to retrieve the prices it's giving me an error of builtins.KeyError: 13176834
    The code which I am using is working fine for NIFTY50 stocks but it is failing for this symbol.

    October 2019