Issues in Instrument Symbols

kiteapi edited July 1 in General
I found issues in instrument/tradingsymbol for some of the instruments, which needs to be fixed, else we will get different/wrong symbols for trading.

Like this MCX:
I have observed this for all symbols in MCX, attached is pic for COPPER
At the same time check the symbols available in kiteweb (which are CORRECT) for COPPER
There are some additional incorrect/wrong tradingsymbols for other MCX symbols as well.

One (which I could find) issue in NFO-FUT:
There is an additional wrong/incorrect symbol for CHOLAFIN

These are something (issues in all MCX FUT + CHOLAFIN) that I could find and it is difficult to filter out pro-grammatically the wrong ones (especially for MCX it is impossible, at least for CHOLAFIN, I could add additional filter exchange_token != 0), but we will get wrong symbols for MCX.

Kindly, get someone to fix this ASAP.

PS. All these are from latest instruments file.
  • sujith
    The examples you have given are for spread contracts. We will ask the team to remove spread contracts from the instruments file.
  • sujith
    Kite Connect doesn't support trading on spread contracts.
  • kiteapi
    Ya, we can't trade them with kite/kiteconnect, the issue was there is no way to filter them with a Query/SQL especially for MCX and they kept propping in my query and trading wrong symbols, I got rid of CHOLAFIN with additional filter, but that option is not there in MCX.

    As you mentioned kindly get your team to remove the spread contracts.

    Appreciate your help Sujith.
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