Credit is not added

Hi ,

I have added 2000 credit in my kite connect account but it is not showing in billing section .
What should i do ? Do we have any customer support number or email id to query ?
  • vikas_kite
    While creating app it showing no credit available after adding credit
  • sujith
    For payment-related queries you can write to kiteconnect(at)
  • vikas_kite
    Thanks for reply . I have mailed my query but did not get any reply .
    I have added amount twice but it is not reflected in billing section . After adding amount it is showing no credit amount available While creating app to generate api key / secrete key .
  • vikas_kite
    Can you give any customer support contact number ?
  • sujith
    We don't have telephonic support for Kite Connect. Please don't worry, it will be sorted out soon.
    All the payments that are not received at our end will be refunded by the payment gateway.
  • rskholdings
    me too having the same problem, tried 2 times still not credited to my account
  • next_hitler
    Happened with me too...I added funds twice
  • msangani
    msangani edited July 2021
    I have the same issue, added money using Amazon Pay on June 30.
    Money is deducted but not reflected in account. I've opened a ticket day before yesterday, still awaiting resolution.
  • Supriyo_janaroy156
    Could you please share where to contact for the same kind of payment issue in Kite Connect.
  • vikas_kite
    Hi Everyone ,

    I have raised complain through mail on [email protected] and [email protected] .
    But no response received till yet .

    Did anyone tried to connect zerodha account for billing ?
  • sujith
    The payments team is looking into this. No need to worry, If payment has not been through then you will receive the refund.
    You can write to kiteconnect(at) for payment-related queries.
  • vikas_kite
    I wrote query on kiteconnect(at) . But no response received .
  • WX1726
    Same here
  • msangani
    3 days since ticket has been opened. No response whatsoever.
    Money still not reflected in the account.
  • msangani
    Looks like they have resolved the issue. I now see credit in my account.
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