Payment done but not reflecting

It has been two days since i did the 2000 rs payment for kiteconnect account, and credits are not reflecting in my app.

I have raised ticket at zerodha support, sent email to kiteconnect, talk(at) none have got back to me.

This is such a pathetic service. Have called support like 100 times to get the same reply again and again. What else an user must do to get back his money ?
  • sujith
    You will receive a refund if the payment has not gone through. The payments team is looking into this.
    You can only follow up with the payments team on kiteconnect(at) for this. No other team can help you out with this.
  • manuv

    Please look at the number of follow ups iv done. I have not got a single reply from them.

    How am i supposed to use. the api's and deploy my app if the payment has a glitch and credits are not updated.

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