98.2% repetitive live data

hi i used kite REST api , i fetched live data , where i saw data of "TCS 3380 PE" with so much repetition of rows , within a market day i got 6800 rows and when i eliminate repeated rows i found that is only 89 rows (both files attached for reference) which are unique in nature . plz don't dump repetitive rows again n again , because it increases the size of data (i got 6GB data in 1 day ) plz provide live data without repetition do the needful thanks
  • tahseen
    @ashokbinra Log only those ticks where the volume changed
  • sujith
    sujith edited July 2021
    Kite Ticker only publishes data when there is a change in any of the values that the user has subscribed to. We don't publish data if there is no change.
  • ashokbinra
    if i use filters like @tahseen mentioned , some / few data missed to fetch by algo , but its not so much that i cant manage . thanks to both of u
  • ashokbinra
    but i have one specific question "If I have a Token 1234 which I have subscribed to, I made a hit via kitetiker and got the volume 4000. Now after 1 min I again make a hit, considering that there is no change in volume since last one minute what value will get in this case?"
  • sujith
    The volume field in the ticker is the cumulative value. It will show the total quantity that is traded for the day till that point in time.
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