What are the differences in Kite Connect API and TrueData

Dear All,

Im exploring options of KiteConnect and TrueData for my requirement.

My requirement is as follows (Using Python) :
1) Scan the Banknifty Option chain for Price, Volume and Open Interest with 1 Min and 5 Min candle
2) Calculate RSI, VWAP on all the option strikes for 1 Min and 5 Min candle

TrueData has RealTime and Historical data Subscriptions.
Zerodha has Kite Connect and Historical data subscription.

What is the difference in these two (Kite Connect and Historical data) with respect to data availability?
Is RealTime Data Feed is part of Kite Connect subscription? If yes, then can I get 1 Min and 5 Min candle data?

Is anyone having experience in TrueData vs KiteConnect? I would like to know limitations of both.

  • sujith
    The historical data provided by Kite Connect is for backtesting purposes only. For live market strategies, we suggest you generate candles at your end using the live market data available on Websocket API.
  • ashxos
    Thanks Sujith for reply.

    That means without Historical Data subscription of Rs. 2000, I can fetch the live data with Kite Connect subscription right?
  • tahseen
    @ashxos that is correct
  • ashxos
    ashxos edited July 12
    Thank you so much @tahseen for prompt reply.
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