Neither Publisher + Connect API nor Publisher API standalone returning the status or request_token


KiteConnect.ready(function () {
var kite = new KiteConnect("MY API KEY");

exchange: "NSE",
tradingsymbol: "SBIN",
quantity: 1,
transaction_type: "BUY",
order_type: "MARKET",

// This is the problematic field,
kite.finished(function (status, request_token) {
console.log(status, request_token);
  • DevTrinkerr
    This particular thing was working fine till yesterday. The request_token is need to generate the access_token.
    One more issue is that, The LTP is also been shown as zero since today.
  • rakeshr
    Request token return issue is fixed.
  • DevTrinkerr
    Yes, the issue is fixed now. Thanks @rakeshr for the quick response.
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