How to get Access token in Java

Dear Team,

I went to Java readme and examples files in KiteConnect Java Library from below mentioned URL:-
However, getting confused how to get access token after receiving request token. Can someone please provide me correct code for that to get access token.

Also I need details for following:-
1) Connecting to websocket to get live prices of SilverMicro Script:-
Trading Symbol : SILVERMIC17FEBFUT / Instrument Token:53306119
Please help me with code to get last traded price of this instrument connecting to websocket.

2) Further, Place Normal Buy & Sell Orders in Market with Product type MIS:-
The samples mentioned in the libraries are quite confusing, I don't need to place any bracket or cover order.
I just need to place buy & sell market order for Trading Symbol : SILVERMIC17FEBFUT with product type MIS. Can you please provide the attributes for the same?
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