Incorrect Volume Data from WebSockets

Hi Team,

I've created a backend service which streams the data via WebSocket connection from Zerodha and I'm storing it on my backend for analytics purpose. While analysing the data it seems to be that the volume data is in incorrect form, please find below the entries of Market Data

{open=311.1, close=310.25, high=315.45, low=310.5, volume=1.8547441E7, lasttradedprice=312.85, change=0.8380338436744634, lasttradedquantity=200.0, volumetradedtoday=0.0, totalbuyquantity=0.0, totalsellquantity=0.0, tradetimestamp=1626421247000}

This is for the Instrument Id: 884737

The volume as 1.8547441E7 is this the correct representation market data or some issue is there?

I'm using JAVA client of KiteConnect with version 3.1.3
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