modify_gtt() working example?

I am bit confuse for modify_gtt() syntax?
1. For option buy order ,exchange is NSE or NFO? ( in modifty_gtt())?
2. trigger_values Trigger values (json array).
so trigger values max can contain 2 element , one for stoploss , one for target?
3 last_price: Last price of the instrument at the time of order placement
Why we need to provide ltp , if its already known in backend , and what if ltp we provide differ by some points? will it fail API?
4. orders JSON order array containing following fields
transaction_type BUY or SELL
quantity Quantity to transact
price The min or max price to execute the order at (for LIMIT orders)
what is idea behind min and max price , gtt stoploss is just triggered based , it will anyway be triggered when price reach at trigger level
5. Just as an example correct me if I am wrong
modify_gtt( self, trigger_id =, trigger_type=, tradingsymbol=<"HCLTECH21JUL1000CE">, exchange="NFO", trigger_values="950", last_price="5.75", orders = [])
I am really not sure what to give in orders field , Can you please give me a working example?
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