Basket orders execution documentation missing

As per basket order margins is implemented but how to execute basket order after getting margin?
  • sujith
    You need to put all orders in a list and place it in loop.
    OMS doesn't have bulk order place API and hence you will have to place each order in the loop at your end.
  • vijaykiranv
    Starting this thread as I am facing similar issue while placing multi leg option positions.
    I'm trying to place iron condor position (api) where I'm trying to place buy order first and then trying to place sell order next (CE & PE). But my buy order is getting rejected as Zerodha is not allowing me to place OTM (350 points away from current nifty spot) buy order due to high volatility.

    But when I am placing sell order first, it is allowing me to place same OTM buy order next. I tried it manually.
    If I need to place sell order first, I need to have margin or else this trade will get rejected if there is no enough margin.

    How to handle this please?
  • themohammedfaisal
    Hey @vijaykiranv, Unfortunately, there is no way to enter the buy leg without entering the sell leg first if the strike is outside the range due to member OI restrictions that Zerodha faces.
    Since this is a support(not API related) query, request you create a ticket on for more information
  • vijaykiranv
    Hi @themohammedfaisal, thank you very much for your response.
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