Historical Data - Nifty options

joyhrs2002 edited August 2021 in General
Hi till yesterday I used to fetch the historical data for the instrument : 12222466 (its exchange token is 47744) ..
(12222466 47744 NIFTY2181816600PE NIFTY 0 2021-08-18 16600 0.05 50 PE NFO-OPT NFO)

e.g. : kite.historical_data("12222466", "2021-08-16 09:00:00", "2021-08-16 15:35:00", 'minute', oi=1)

Today it is giving me the "contract not found error". I understand that, in the current instrument list, this contract doest not exist.

How can I fetch its historical data for this instrument "12222466". I required it for my back-testing algorithm. Any pointer and help would be useful.

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