Instrument Tokens for the options and Futures


I downloaded the instruments dump from the kiteconnect python client using the following:

instrument_dump = kite.instruments(exchange='NFO')

I am not getting any error. The instrument dump gets downloaded.

The issue beiing inside the dump I am not able ro find the following option:

BANKNIFTY 26-Aug-2021 Put 35,000.00

I understand that the BANNIFTY Options are denoted as following BANKNIFT YY M DD StrikePrice Put/Call Option

Hence by this format I tried to search for BANKNIFTY2182635000PE But I am Unable to find the instrument token in the dump.

  • Hsadikot
    Please Also Note that By using the format as described above I am able to find all the other options chain

    For eg: BANKNIFTY2190235000PE (Sept 2nd Put Option 35000 Strike Price) Gives me instruument token of 10119938

    I have also tried to redownload the dump once again today but the instrument is not found
  • sujith
    For last thursday of the month, there is no weekly options instrument. There is only a monthly expiry instrument.
  • Hsadikot

    Then ON NSE Website why it is denoted as 26-Aug-2021 and not as Monthly expiry.

    Like BANKNIFTY AUG 35000 CE/PE ?

  • sujith
    BANKNIFTY monthly instruments expire on last Thursday of the month.
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