How to calcualte the buy quantity based on the avaiable fud in my account - Options banknifty

HI Any one give a sample code for python or formula or calculations

How to calcuate the buy Quantity (Lot ) based on my aviable cash fund from my account . Getting the account balance i done how The caluation for the Quantity as lot size

for example BankNifty 26-Aug-2021 CE Stike price is 614 i have 50,000 in my account fund blance . Just wanted to calaute how much lot i can buy ..

Thanks in advancce
  • sujith
    You can use this API.
  • damok
    Hi Sujith
    Thank you for your response .. from the api you given i think i can get the amoune for the given Quantitiy

    But what i need is i have some amount .. i need to know how much quantity i can buy ..

    Example am having 100000. Now the strik price of the option is 614

    i want to know from that amount how many lot i can place buy order .. this is the question

  • tahseen
    @damok If you requirement is just number of lots basis amount in your account then just

    1. Find the margin for a single lot as per the API provided by Sujith
    2. Let us say that comes to
    then using python code, number of lots you can buy would be

    lots_possible_to_buy = funds_available // margin_required
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