Lifetime of access_token

I am wondering how frequent do I need to go through the flow of getting access_token ? How long the access_token will be valid? Can I just create it ones and keep using it on test +production environement?
Is there any way to automatize the process?
  • sujith
    Access token is valid for one day. You can create access token once a day and use on both test and production environment.

    It is mandatory by exchange that user has to login manually. So I would suggest not to automate login.
  • kivijoshi
    Thanks sujith for reply. Can you be more specific, one day means is there particular time of the day at which it will become invalid or its timespan based?
  • sujith
    Hi @kivijoshi,
    All access tokens are flushed manually everyday morning before market hours.
  • kivijoshi
    Thanks sujith,
    So correct me if I am wrong
    - if I get access token just after start of will be valid till next day morning before start of market.
  • sujith
    Yes you are right.
  • kivijoshi
    Thanks sujith
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