Which Api i can use to Buy the Option With - SL and target same time

Hi we have ny API to place the Margin Market order with .
Stop lose and Target at the same time .

Or stoplose only

or usually how we have to handle

Aim : have to place the order with SL and target which is the best way . any once can give a suggetions please ..

Thank you
  • sujith
    You can place an order and then place GTT. You can know more about GTT here.
  • damok
    damok edited September 2021
    @sujith Thank you for the api reference here am having one doubt

    How we know the placed git order triggered (target or SL reached - Executed)..
    we have socket to listen ?? or each time have to query any api url ?
  • sujith
    For triggered ideally you should get postback or order update but the current version of GTT doesn't have that feature. In the next version of GTT we will include this.
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