About the amazing icons used all over zerodha

I've used most of the applications from Zerodha and noticed that it has very good icons like in the coins app each mutual fund has an amazing icon or image and the same with Zerodha forum, users with no profile have random default created images based on something x. I would like to know what has been used to generate such types of icon or images.

Very excited about understanding this haha :sweat_smile:

If this is something you can not share I totally understand that and you can just close my question.
  • sujith
    sujith edited September 2021
    Thank you very much. This made our day :) We use different things for different projects.
    Generic icons are used from feather icons. This forum's avatar is from vanillicon.

    The icons and illustrations on the coin app is hand-made by our designer. Each and everyone of it, there are 100s of icons.

  • pavanvora
    Thank you for your reply, Sujith.

    loved the icons on the coin app. I thought it would have been generated programmatically from some kind of hash so each mutual fund will have a different generated icon but it will remain the same for the specific mutual fund because of the hash.

    whatever, it is awesome. you can close the question :blush:
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