How to get User object from using Access token

Hi, How to get user info object second time after login. (using C# ) Scenario: First Time starting the app i login normally and store the access Token in DB as it is valid till 24 hr. But in a min or so i encounter a bug in my application and restart my app after fixing it. but i have to relogin ever time again and again while testing and bug fixing as the User Object is readonly and is received only while login. Is there a way or function that returns user object using accesstoken. GetProfile function doesn't return user object.
  • sujith
    You will have to store access token in a shared preference or external file and use that value while initializing object.
    Make sure not to call generate session in every run then your issue will be resolved.
  • ShaileshMoolya
    Yes i do store access token but then when restarted the app which function should i call which returns "User" object.
    Only function i know that returns "User" object is the generate session function.
  • trade_then
    trade_then edited September 25
    Serialize the whole user object via built in and pass in the
    Dictionary<string, dynamic>
    to User Constructor

    This is to give you general idea about it and is most simplistic. if nothing else is working for you.

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