API slowness. Kite Issue or CDN Issue or ISP Issue?

This issue is not new and has been reported by multiple users several times over the past few years. I searched through most of the discussion but couldn't figure out any concrete response. I sincerely request the team for a detailed response on the following -

1. How do you identify if the issue is with Kite or CDN or ISP?
2. What commands to run locally to figure out the problem?
3. What does it mean if trace route to "api.kite.trade" is quick but the kite API calls are taking much longer (8 seconds)?
4. If it is some issue between CDN and ISP, what do you want the users to do?

This is obviously happening only for few users randomly either based on location or network provider conflict with CDN but I hope your response can be better than the one below, especially when more than one user raising same issue -
We just checked this at our end and can confirm that all response times are within the desirable range. You need to check your network.

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