Start a code 8 hrs before trading starts without acess token timeout


I would like to know if there is a way to start a code enter the request token and then sleep for 8hrs and continue trading once the market opens.
I am a night owl and I generally work at night and wake up at noon. I tried starting my algorithm at 1 am and after providing the access token went to sleep. The problem is that the code wakes up at 9:15 am but the access token has expired by then requiring me to log in and enter the request token again.

Is there a way to start a code and keep it awake for a longer duration without the access token being expired?

Any help is highly appreciated

Thanks in advance
  • milli
    You can set your code to start execution at exactly 0915. as for the token generation, this can also be automated.

    You can generate a token by firing the script at say 0600 and get a fresh token every day.

    To extend it further, you can also set your script to 'sleep' at say 1530 and wake up again the next day.
  • durghy_trades
    Hello Mili... Can you help me with automating token generation..... Especially now that the TOTP has been made mandatory
  • sujith
    As per the exchange regulations, it mandatory that a user has to login manually at least once a day. We don't recommend automating login.
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