Portfolio Split details with dates of purchase

I am trying to implement an Import from Zerodha (PORTFOLIO) records on my website https://www.jahajee.com . I am trying to teach my students about Compound Interest and CAGR using their Portfolio !

I was successfully able to get my/User Portfolio details however is there any service/API which provides full transaction details of Portfolio purchase / sold e.g. Lets say I purchase (CNC) 1 share of INFY on 01-Sep, 05-Sep and 10-Sep. Portfolio gives lumpsum details of 3 shares !

How to get all User Transaction details for CNC ?
  • sujith
    Kite Connect only provides the trading platform features as of now. The reporting feature is a part of backoffice i.e. console app in Zerodha's context. You can check out console for that.

    We don't provide holdings breakdown on Kite Connect APIs as of now.
    OK Thank you
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