Please Update KiteConnect.php Its show Error

I have face issue to fetch only LTP. When I tried to used getLTP Method it show below error

Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Return value of KiteConnect\KiteConnect::getLTP() must be an instance of KiteConnect\mixed, instance of stdClass returned in *\vendor\zerodha\phpkiteconnect\src\KiteConnect.php:791
Stack trace:
#0 *\test.php(28): KiteConnect\KiteConnect->getLTP(Array)
#1 {main}
thrown in *\vendor\zerodha\phpkiteconnect\src\KiteConnect.php on line 791

I solved this issue to change some code on KiteConnect.php
1. Old Code KiteConnect.php on line No 789

public function getLTP(array $instruments): mixed
return $this->get("market.quote.ltp", ["i" => $instruments]);

2. New Code To change

public function getLTP(array $instruments): stdClass
return $this->get("market.quote.ltp", ["i" => $instruments]);
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