ERROR:kiteconnect.ticker:Connection closed: 1006 - connection was closed uncleanly (None)

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I'm facing the above-mentioned error. The code runs for 5-10 mins, but then automatically starts printing this error. I have gone through the documentation and the forum links but can't seem to find the root cause. Please let me know what more information I can provide. Any help would be greatly appreciated :smile:

Here's my code snippet:

import numpy as np
from NSE_parser import getScripts
from Stocks import Stocks
import logging
from kiteconnect import KiteConnect
from kiteconnect import KiteTicker
import datetime
import pandas as pd


totalRisk = 1000
riskPerStock = totalRisk/4

# logging.basicConfig(level=logging.DEBUG)
apiKey = ""

kite = KiteConnect(api_key=apiKey)

print("Please input the correct tokens")
requestToken = input()

apiSecret = ""
data = kite.generate_session(requestToken, api_secret=apiSecret)

kws = KiteTicker(apiKey, data["access_token"])

NSE_data = np.array(df.values)
NSE_data = NSE_data[:, [0 ,2]]
NSE_dict = {b : a for a,b in NSE_data}

def createToken(scripts):
instrument_token = []
for script in scripts:
return instrument_token

def createStocks(scripts):
stocks = {}
instrument_token = createToken(scripts)
index = 0
for script in scripts:
stocks[instrument_token[index]] = Stocks(script, instrument_token[index])

return stocks

scripts = getScripts()
cur_Stocks = createStocks(scripts)
# print(cur_Stocks)

initTime_Level = datetime.datetime(1, 1, 1,12, 42, 0)
nextTime_Level = datetime.datetime(1, 1, 1,12, 44, 0)

def checkData(ws, time, price, token_Arr):
global totalRisk, initTime_Level, nextTime_Level, cur_Stocks, riskPerStock, initFlag
# print(time.time(), time.time() < initTime_Level.time())
if time.time() < initTime_Level.time(): #before 9:20
index = 0;
for token in token_Arr:
stocks = cur_Stocks[token]

elif time.hour == initTime_Level.hour and time.minute == initTime_Level.minute: #at 9:20
tradeAble_Flags = np.ones((len(cur_Stocks), 1))
index = 0
for token in token_Arr:
stocks = cur_Stocks[token]
if(stocks.setAndCheck_InitLevels() == 0):
print("unsubscribing => INITIAL RANGE", stocks.symbol_Name)
del cur_Stocks[token]

riskPerStock = totalRisk/len(cur_Stocks)

elif time.hour == nextTime_Level.hour and time.minute == nextTime_Level.minute: #after 9:20
index = 0
for token in token_Arr:
stocks = cur_Stocks[token]
if stocks.checkEntry(price[index]):
stocks.Enter(kite, riskPerStock)
index = 0

elif time.time() > nextTime_Level.time():
nextTime_Level = nextTime_Level + datetime.timedelta(minutes = 2)
print("DATE TIME MODIFIED", nextTime_Level.time())

for token in token_Arr:
stocks = cur_Stocks[token]
if stocks.CheckOrders(kite):
print("unsubscribing => ORDER complete", stocks.symbol_Name)
del cur_Stocks[token]


def on_ticks(ws, ticks):
# Callback to receive ticks.
logging.debug("Ticks: {}".format(ticks))
# cur_time = ticks[0]['last_trade_time']
# price_unordered =[script_dict['last_price'] for script_dict in ticks] #get price of all subscribed stocks
# token =[script_dict['instrument_token'] for script_dict in ticks]
# # price = redorder(price_unordered, token)
# # print(time, price)
# checkData(ws, cur_time, price_unordered, token)
# # if len(cur_Stocks.values()) == 0 or cur_time.time() > datetime(1, 1, 1, 15, 0, 0).time():
# # ws.stop()

def on_connect(ws, response):
# Callback on successful connect.
# Subscribe to a list of instrument_tokens (RELIANCE and ACC here).
instrument_token = []
print("Starting Connection")
for stocks in list(cur_Stocks.values()):
print("Subscription successful")
# Set RELIANCE to tick in `full` mode.
ws.set_mode(ws.MODE_FULL, instrument_token)
print("Connection successful", instrument_token)

def on_close(ws, code, reason):
# On connection close stop the main loop
# Reconnection will not happen after executing `ws.stop()`
# ws.stop()

# Assign the callbacks.
kws.on_ticks = on_ticks
kws.on_connect = on_connect
kws.on_close = on_close

# Infinite loop on the main thread. Nothing after this will run.
# You have to use the pre-defined callbacks to manage subscriptions.
# kws.connect()

while True:
#Perform required data operation using tick data
def on_ticks(ws, ticks):
cur_time = ticks[0]['last_trade_time']
price_unordered =[script_dict['last_price'] for script_dict in ticks] #get price of all subscribed stocks
token =[script_dict['instrument_token'] for script_dict in ticks]
# price = redorder(price_unordered, token)
# print(time, price)
checkData(ws, cur_time, price_unordered, token)

ScreenShot of the error:

  • rakeshr
    Go through python WebSocket streaming FAQs here.
  • Pranjal_K
    I have already implemented the 'threaded=True' functionality mentioned in the FAQs for the 1006 error. I have created the subsequent while loops.
    Is there anything that I'm missing?
  • Pranjal_K
    Pranjal_K edited November 12
    Is this because I'm declaring some of my helper functions outside the while loop?
    I don't think that should be a problem, based on my understanding of the language.

    Also, there are no tab/indentation-related errors in the code. The indents are being removed here automatically. If attaching my code file would give more clarity, please let me know and I'll do that
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