What should be the request url for .net client app?

If we want to create a .net client app (without a web server), what should be the request url when we create a app in kite.trade website? Should it be https://kite.trade?
  • sujith
    sujith edited November 16
    If you are using .NET then you can use the client library, no need to make http API calls.
  • skeesara
    How can get tokens though to connect though? Looks like we will tokens only when we create an app and for that request url is mandatory. Am I missing something?
  • skeesara
    I did figure out a way to navigate to url and then copy the request url manually but that's not very useful as every
    time I run the application, I have to open the url in web and then copy the request token. What is the solution for this to avoid manual copy of the request url.
    SRIJAN edited November 16
    @skeesara Just get the request token once every day,get the access token and use kite.set_access_token. Then you don't need to get request token to run your app for that day. And do you mean redirect url by 'request url'??
    Yes you can use https://kite.trade. I myself use it. Actually,you can use any https url. And there is no way to automate this. Sebi mandates user has to login atleast once every day manually.
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