Sample websocket OHLC data & LTP data along with timestamp preview

Can u please provide sample websocket second-second ohlc data and ltp data along with timestamp for a period of atleast 5mins .This would helpful in understanding the difference btwn second- second level ohlc data & ltp data
    SRIJAN edited November 2021
    You can watch this video of Imran Sir

    for sample websocket data. And read here about websocket streaming
  • trk0653
    does ohlc values differ for every second , as i see in the above example ohlc values are same for each second and can u explain how can we relate ltp value to ohlc ?

    SRIJAN edited November 2021
    @trk0653 in ohlc. the open and close do not change. Because open is fixed in pre-market,and the close value in ohlc is actually the closing value of the previous day. The high and low may change or may not change according to the market conditions,its possible that a instrument may not break its initial,say,1 hr,high or low for the whole trading day. In that case,the ohlc values after the initial first hour will not change for the trading day. And what do you mean by relating ltp to ohlc??
  • rakeshr
    how can we relate ltp value to ohlc ?
    LTP and OHLC are unrelated. OHLC is for the whole trading day, whereas LTP is for the current market price. If you are looking to fetch the last traded price in the live market, you will have to use last_price field from OHLC quote response.
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