Problem while running my algo - TOTP inpute exception error

Dear Sir,

While I am running my algo i am getting the below mentioned error.
" InputException: TOTP is mandatory to place orders on third-party apps. Learn how to set up TOTP for your account [here]( "

Please guide me through solution for solving the aforesaid error.

Thanking you

Yours Faithfully

Bhavik Raval
+91 7977030661
  • Imran
    Hi @LQCAP
    If you want to place orders through Kite API, then you need to enable TOTP for your Zerodha account.
    For TOTP setup refer this link
    yes i have done but yet algo is running for 1-2 times but again showing the same error
    same message of error is displayed
  • Imran
    You need to delete the previous access token and generate a new access token by logging into API again.
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