Maximum Allowed Order Request Exceeded

Why did I get this error? I did not exceed the Order count of 2000 or throttle rate etc
  • sujith
    Can you give us more details about it? Is this while modifying the order or placing the order.
    The order count is considered even for the ones that got rejected by our mini RMS. If an order is rejected by our mini RMS then you will receive 400 error and it won't show up on orderbook.
  • Imran
    hi @[email protected].com
    If this is the error "Maximum Allowed Order Request Exceeded"
    this happens when you try to place more than 2000 orders.
    In your orderbook you may not be able to see 2000 orders.. this maybe because.

    your algo may be placing orders in while loop.. if the order is rejected by zerodha.

    for example..
    if I place limit order when my limit price is not correct.. so the order will not go to orderbook.
    but zerodha will count that wrong order as 1 order count.. if I make the same mistake 2000 times.. then zerodha will give me Maximum Allowed Order Request Exceeded error.

    I can tell you this because I had the same error and by the above logic I prevented it.
    I have absolutely no clue on why this issue happened. i DID NOT EXCEED ANY COUNTS. My main issue is that after it happenned I was locked out of trading system and was unable to square of my positions, despite trying to reach call and trade 4 times, resulting in loss of more than 1 lakh. Please escalate this to your Legal and RMS teams. Please refer ticket 20211118234853
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