Please help me to do the algo trading

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Hi Sir,

I need to get all near and far month future data (mainly BID and ASK price) for all stocks. I am from technical background but don't know how to began. If you guide me little I can go easily.
Please help me to do the setup for algo treading. Please call me on my mobile - 9535691402


  • shivesh1987
    Hi Sir.. Did not get any response.. Please let me know
  • sujith
    Hi @shivesh1987,
    You can get started here.
  • shivesh1987
    Hi Sir
    Can you please tell that below thing I can get or not by KITE connect.

    I want to get the BID and ASK price for all future stocks (Ex - ICICIBANK NOV FUT , AXISBANK DEC FUT).

    And I want to get data in each second. I mean live data I want to get in each second for all the future stocks.

    For example there are 200 stocks are there for DEC expiry and 200 stocks are there for JAN expiry. I want to get all 400 stocks data (mainly BID and ASK price) in each second for all 400 stocks...

    Can you please tell me is it possible or not ?????

    If its possible then only I will parches kite API and start working..
  • sujith
    You can check out Websocket API documentation to know more.
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    @shivesh1987 Why don't you just read the documentation provided by Sujith sir?? You will get your answer.
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