Integrating Technical analysis platform with kite API

We have just started integrating our technical analysis platform with kite API. This platform will be used by our clients for fetching EOD/Intraday data and place order as well.
While generating API key and secret, it is asking my client ID and Redirect URL.

Since our application is an windows desktop application hence what we are supposed to provide in Redirect URL?

Also, our application will be used by multiple customers hence their client ID will be differently.
How do we know that orders placed by them are correctly accounted and its brokerage is credited to us?
Will all our client pass same api key and secret generated using our client ID?

Definedge Team
  • sujith
    For developing a platform you will have to get exchange approval. Please send an email to talk(at) Someone from our team will get in touch with you.
  • rajeshbadiye
    Do we need to take approval from exchange for doing technical analysis? We already have integrated our platform with some of the data provider. One of your sales team executive have approached us for this. In first phase, we will integrate our application for technical analysis and then trigger order in second phase. As of now we are planning to do following two activities.
    1. Enable end customer to perform technical analysis using Zerotha data feed.
    2. Submit buy/sell order from our website using your "ordering" plugin.

    For above two activities, how many API key and secrete needs to be generated?
    How do we track orders submitted by our client via your web plugin interface?

    Definedge Team
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