Few questions regarding WebSockets

1) Is the subscription limit set to 200 or the maximum number of instruments received per tick set to 200?
2) What happens when I oversubscribe?

I hope I'm not asking too much but It'd be really helpful if you can include all this information in your documentation, I can't find any material on subscription limits here.
  • sujith
    Hi @charuvindatre,
    Yes subscription limit is set to 200.
    Even if you subscribe for 200+ scrips, you will still get ticks only for first 200 scrips.
  • charuvindatre
    charuvindatre edited January 2017
    @sujith Oh okay. That means I'd have to introduce multiple connections. Any limit on number of concurrent connections?
  • sujith
    There is no rate limit on number of websocket connections as of now. But we will be imposing it soon.
  • pranksterguru
    will there be any performance difference in subscribing 100 tokens in one socket vs 10 s
  • sujith
    Performance difference will not be that evident. There will be overhead in receiving data, parsing and sending it back. So I would suggest you to go for multiple connections.
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