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Hello Team,

Is that expected behavior to block Market Order for even ATM Strikes of Bank nifty next Expiry?
Today Morning (6th Jan'2022) multiple time ATM strike Market Order Blocked.

Here is One Such Example:-

2022-01-06 09:48:45
NFO BANKNIFTY2211337400CE SELL Market orders in BANKNIFTY2211337400CE are blocked from trading due to illiquidity. Try placing a LIMIT order. [Read more.](https://support.zerodha.com/category/trading-and-markets/margin-leverage-and-product-and-order-types/articles/market-orders-blocked-for-long-dated-options)
  • babansfolio
    @sujith : If possible please help on above topic
  • sujith
    For liquidity reasons only the nearest expiry strikes are allowed for market orders.
  • babansfolio
    @sujith : Thanks for your clarification.
    Is there any recent changes in Zerodha Policy.

    Because until last week It was allowed to trade ATM Strikes of bank nifty for next expiry.
  • sujith
    Trading is allowed, only market orders are blocked for far expiry. You may have to place limit order at LTP.
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