Callback URL to Mobile App

Hi - the callback URL option in the app definition screen in the console requires an https URL. Is there anyway this could be an app URL so that I can do away with the need for a intermediate web page to receive the accesstoken from Zerodha?
  • sujith
    As mentioned in the documentation, we strongly recommend not to embed api_secret inside the client side application. It may become a huge security compromise. The token exchange has to happen on the server side. You can go through the login flow here.
  • kyiyer
    OK - so you recommend that I create a "website" with a webpage that calls the the Kite API and receives the callback - then I should pass that back to the mobile app. Correct? Thanks for your response
  • sujith
    Yes, the token exchange of request token to access token has to happen on the server and then pass access token to the mobile app.
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