Algo Trading Codes

Hi Traders.
In this thread, I will be posting function, live codes regarding algo Trading.

@sujith . please don't close this thread. As it would be good to have a single thread for posting new information.
  • Imran
    Kite historical provide candles till daily timeframe. so for weekly and monthly candles, we have to resample them.
    below codes can be directly applied to historical data for getting weekly and monthly candles

    df['date'] = pd.to_datetime(df['date'])
    df = df.set_index(df['date'])
    logic = {'open' : 'first', 'high' : 'max', 'low' : 'min', 'close' : 'last', 'volume': 'sum'}

    # Weekly resampling
    df.resample('W-MON', closed= "left", label="left").apply(logic)

    # Monthly resampling
    mdf = df.resample('MS').apply(logic)

  • DD1365
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