Publisher API login not working in Webview iOS app

For Android, we are having no issues in handling the Publisher login, order placement through web view which opens in our app. But for our iOS build when the user tries to log in to the publisher, it asks for credentials and then sends the user to the 2FA page but when they enter the 2FA(TOTP) it sends back to the login page with an error at the bottom 'Please complete the login before doing 2FA verification'.

Point: 1. Now the publisher URL opens in the default respective system webview(Inappbrowser) for Android and iOS. How can we open the URL on Chrome Custom Tabs on Android and on SFSafariViewController on iOS?
  • sujith
    This is because of safari's policy change for cookie management on webview. We had tried a bunch of fixes but it didn't work.
    Our team is looking into this issue.

    Invoking a Publisher url in webview or chrome custom tab is up to the app developer right? It is out of the scope of the Kite Connect.
  • nithinrao
    Hi sujith, I see that the publisher API is not working even in Safari browser on IOS. Was this problem assumed to be only in webview or even in the browser as well?
  • sujith
    It seems fine on iOS 15.0, can you give us more info about device?
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