requestAccessToken line not working after base64 encoding alos

Is this correct for android login ? Its crashing

String apiKey = "svlo1ylhol1wbuttybr5w5y7r37t30ml";
String secretKey = "secret key";

byte[] bytesEncoded1 = Base64.encodeBase64(apiKey.getBytes());

byte[] bytesEncoded2 = Base64.encodeBase64(secretKey.getBytes());

userModel = kiteSdk.requestAccessToken(apiKey, secretKey);
  • sujith
    Hi @jyothish,
    You don't need to do all these things. Just do things same as demonstrated in file of javakiteconnect. Just make sure you have all dependencies.

    PS: I would suggest you to code in android studio because google no more supports eclipse plugins for android development.
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