Option quotes on weekends show incorrect values - big issue

Option quotes don't work on weekends . It shows ltp as 0 and oi as 0
Ideally it should give fridays close values till monday market open.
This needs to be fixed in all API's . With current logic we cant do option chain analysis etc

    Where do you see ltp and oi 0. My eyes can't see. You can read the description of each field in the quote response here:
  • algolover
    U can see
    1) Change 2) oi day high and 3) oi day low as 0 on weekends
  • algolover
    similarly volume traded is zero. It should show fridays data till monday market starting
    If it's a holiday,there is no volume, and no question of intraday oi high/low.
  • algolover
    By that logic there is no use of OI , last price also because its holiday. Point is when we design any thing based on quote from option instrument, it should handle weekend like displaying fridays data . Why do you expect user to handle weekend issue.

    Lets say i am calulating long buildup using your option quote.. How can this be consistent on saturday and sunday . If you are providing chargable API it should handle this basic things.

    Does NSE option chain show volume as o and oi change as zero on weekends?
    no one shows it
    If NSE also says that saturday the volume is zero then all quote on NSE site should show zero volume and option chain should also be blank
  • sujith
    We don't modify data. We just relay whatever exchange publishes and Kite Ticker stores the previous received tick from the exchange. If data is showing 0, then it means the last_tick exchange has published has that value.
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