Getting cumulative OI for a strike

Hello Experts,

I wanted to know how/where can I find out the cumulative OI for a strike. For example, if a get a quote of NFO:NIFTY2230319000CE using kite.quote(), I do get the OI for it, however I don't see anything in the response which shows cumulative OI for that strike.

Pranav Wagh
    The OI in quote response is the current standing open interest of that contract. What do you mean by cumulative oi??
  • pranavwagh
    So, you mean that's the total OI, not the day change. I was a bit confused because of sensibull implementation: Here are the screenshots:
    So, according to what you said, the second screenshot represents the data that I get from OI in quotes response, and first screenshot is just the delta from yesterday?

    Yes, it's even written on y-axis of both screenshots. Also,you can see that the oi in first screenshot is sometimes negative which means that's it's actually the oi change as oi can never be negative.
  • pranavwagh
    Thanks @SRIJAN! You rock! :smile: You are a huge help!

    I have one more question relating to OI, but I'll post it in a separate thread so that it can be tracked easily
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