OnOrderUpdate Discrepancy

Client Library Version 3.0.7.
I faced an issue while receiving order update in the orderupdate function. It may not be reproducible . Pls see the steps below

1. BANKNIFTY2231033100CE, Placed 1Lot buy limit order @659.10 and received the order update correctly. See #1 in the attachment.
2. BANKNIFTY2231033100CE, Placed 1Lot sell SL-L order at limit @558.60 and sl @559.1 and received order id as '220307102059555'. See #2 in the attachment.
3. BANKNIFTY2231033100CE, Placed fresh 1 Lot buy limit order @645.60 and received the order update correctly. See #3 in the attachment.
4. BANKNIFTY2231033100CE, Modified order of step 2 (order id 220307102059555) and placed 2 Lot sell SL-L order at limit @611.85 and sl @612.35. At first received the order update function correctly (at time 12.20.34 647), but received one more order update after two milliseconds at time(12.20.34 649) , this time qty 1lot instead of 2 lot, price, trigger price everything was changed and it looked like the old order i placed at step 2. See #4 in attachment.

Could you please look into this.
  • sujith
    You may refer to this similar thread.
  • manoj_trade
    But in my case first 'TRIGGER PENDING' is coming with the correct values and then 'UPDATE' is coming with previous values. Once we get 'TRIGGER PENDING' is it meant that order modification is successful and sitting at the exchange server. Could you please clarify on this.

    In what situation 'UPDATE' message will be send. Can I ignore the 'UPDATE' message. Could you pls post the documentation link regarding 'update '.
  • sujith
    It is because these are asynchronous events sent by the OMS. There could be case where UPDATE will come first and TRIGGER PENDING might come later. Kite Trade just relays the message from OMS. We have asked them to take a look at this multiple times but it is not their priority. I would suggest don't ignore the UPDATE postback as you may ignore many other cases like partial fill.

    The work around would be to use this as an event to pull orderbook and fetch the latest details of the order.
  • manoj_trade
    Ok, Thanks
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