Not able to fetch live data

I trade from excel.
I logined and websocket connected successfully and trade symbols downloaded successfully too.
I was not able to get live feed of BANKNIFTY22MARFUT from =GetRTD("NFO","BANKNIFTY22MARFUT","LAST")
When i subscribed quotes for this symbol SubscribeQuotes(Exch,TrdSym) . it shows "Trade Symbol is null or invalid".
it worked fine until yesterday.
I installed latest EtaTrader today and checked,still its not working.

When i checked , i was able to subscribe quotes and live LTP. for MCX & CRUDEOIL22MARFUT . but not for banknifty fut.
AM i missing something here ? please answer this.
    KiteXL is by @HowUTrade and team, may be they can help you with that
  • HowUTrade
    Make sure the exchange and tradesymbol is valid, and also NFO segment is enabled for your account. Let us know if the problem persist.
  • Hawk123
    @HowUTrade NFO segment is enabled for my account.
    I checked it on saturday and was able to subscribe quotes for BANKNIFTY22MARFUT .
    It's working fine today as well.
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